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I live in South Africa with my husband and two small children, doing things, thinking about things and sometimes writing about them.

Struggling with it

OK, this is a hard thing to write. But in the interests of keeping this blog meaningful, I need to be able to share the hard stuff along with the idealism and rosiness. About a month or so ago, we … Continue reading

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PLC: The Princeton Learning Cooperative

Another inspiring example of an environment that can support an unschooling approach. “If you’re not in school seven hours a day, what is it you want to spend your time on?”

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Ken Danford: School is optional

I’m getting so fired up watching this kind of thing. Can we do this here please? Can I help? Are you interested? The possibilities give me chills. This is what I have in mind. The only questions, really, are how … Continue reading

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It’s been quiet around here because….

I’ve been reading and watching so much that I barely know where to start. There is so much I want to share with you. I’m just going to post link after link, video after video.

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How to get your kid to love school

The more reading I do, the more I maintain that homeschooling is the best education option. Along the way, I’ve been talking to my family about this, and I’ve introduced Kolya to some kids who are homeschooled. He is curious … Continue reading

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The curriculum-and-teacher narrative

When I mention homeschooling, the second thing people ask (after the ubiquitous What about socialisation? question) is: You mean you’ll get a curriculum and teach them at home? Behind this question lie a couple of assumptions: 1.  Kids have to … Continue reading

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Learning to say yes

I wrote a few days ago about unlimiting video games. Since then I’ve been struggling paying attention to allowing playtime to be unfettered by my own ingrained judgment about “waste of time” playing versus “quality” playing. This means my nearly-six-year-old … Continue reading

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