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PLC: The Princeton Learning Cooperative

Another inspiring example of an environment that can support an unschooling approach. “If you’re not in school seven hours a day, what is it you want to spend your time on?” Advertisements

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Learning to say yes

I wrote a few days ago about unlimiting video games. Since then I’ve been struggling paying attention to allowing playtime to be unfettered by my own ingrained judgment about “waste of time” playing versus “quality” playing. This means my nearly-six-year-old … Continue reading

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Perfectly pitched outrage here from The Matt Walsh blog.

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You are not alone

Since I have started this journey of reading, obsessing, thinking about, talking about unschooling matters, almost every day has brought a surprise. Some of the surprises have been in the ways my child has responded to certain changes at home … Continue reading

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Play without agenda

Kids need to Just Play. A lot, and what they want – not what you think they need – to play. Just play, not complete educational tasks dressed up as games, not “skill up” through teaching apparatus dressed up as toys. Just play. Continue reading

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The myth of grading

My career involves writing textbooks. That’s right: I get a school curriculum for a given subject, do book plans, year plans, lesson plans, research subject content and work it up into books that actual teachers use in actual schools. And … Continue reading

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Unschooling Cape Town. Where are you?

Back in 2009, I got a bee in my bonnet about homeschooling. The schools model didn’t make sense to me. Classrooms and teachers don’t make sense to me. I write textbooks for a living. But education based in a textbook … Continue reading

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