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Ken Danford: School is optional

I’m getting so fired up watching this kind of thing. Can we do this here please? Can I help? Are you interested? The possibilities give me chills. This is what I have in mind. The only questions, really, are how … Continue reading

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How to get your kid to love school

The more reading I do, the more I maintain that homeschooling is the best education option. Along the way, I’ve been talking to my family about this, and I’ve introduced Kolya to some kids who are homeschooled. He is curious … Continue reading

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You are not alone

Since I have started this journey of reading, obsessing, thinking about, talking about unschooling matters, almost every day has brought a surprise. Some of the surprises have been in the ways my child has responded to certain changes at home … Continue reading

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The myth of grading

My career involves writing textbooks. That’s right: I get a school curriculum for a given subject, do book plans, year plans, lesson plans, research subject content and work it up into books that actual teachers use in actual schools. And … Continue reading

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Read this book.

Unsurprising admission: School didn’t do it for me. I didn’t enjoy school. Every single day of it, walking into the gates felt like walking into a prison of sorts, and every single day, walking out felt like a return to … Continue reading

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Unschooling Cape Town. Where are you?

Back in 2009, I got a bee in my bonnet about homeschooling. The schools model didn’t make sense to me. Classrooms and teachers don’t make sense to me. I write textbooks for a living. But education based in a textbook … Continue reading

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